Disk layout for XO-1.5

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Tue Jul 28 16:16:18 EDT 2009

david at lang.hm wrote:
 > disadvantages to using partitions
 > primarily boils down to one
 > you have to decide ahead of time how big to make the partitions, and 
 > changing this later is non-trivial. if you guess wrong you can end up 
 > running out of space in one place while you have extra space in others.

it's kind of surprising that no one has (or, maybe they have and
i'm once again unaware) developed easy to use partition and fs
resizing technology to help solve this problem.  imagine having
the / and /home filesystems on adjacent partitions.  it would be
nice to be able to slide the boundary between them:  when doing
an upgrade, minimize home, and maximize root.  when the upgrade
is finished, minimize root and maximize home.  you'd get to keep
the advantages of segregation between the two, while also getting
the ability to more fully utilize the total disk space.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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