Wiki fixin' (Re: Windows on XO FUD (was: Re: is anyone actually doing Windows on XO work here?)

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On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 4:54 AM, Sascha
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> Even the OLPC wiki contains links [1] to misleading reports [2] about
> Windows on the XO without any further, clarifying comment.
> ...
> [1]

Thanks for pointing this out.

== Basic Wiki tactics ==
*Always date wiki statements*!
"has announced", "today", "is working on", "end of the summer" are
awful phrases that later turn pages _harmful_ unless they are rooted
to a specific month and year.

*Before you write anything, assume there's _already_ a page*
Besides Dual-boot, there's

*Always categorize*
So people can find these other pages.

*Don't repeat, link and rewrite*
Everyone wants to say things their own way. Don't.  Just link to what
already exists.  If you don't like it, improve it with judicious
reorganization, limited additions, and rewriting.

== What I did ==
* I put the definitive lines
- - - -
  The OLPC laptop's firmware has "dual-boot capability". It can boot
into Windows XP as well as any Linux distribution, including OLPC's
own system software featuring the Sugar UI on Fedora Linux.

  As of July 2009, no large deployment of OLPC laptops is running Windows.
- - - -
at the top of the Windows article.

* Linked to Mitch Bradley's excellent e-mail.
* Moved the blather at the top of the Windows article to "Announcements"
* Moved the blather in the Dual-boot article to "Various statements
and articles from 2008"
* added [[Category:MS-Windows]] to all these pages.

== To Do ==
* Update Dual-boot with actual technical details from Mitch's e-mail
(unless they're already on the wiki).
* Rewrite all the dated "will"... summer stuff from the MS_FAQ and add
the actual reality of dual-booting.
* Cite and date "Message from Nicholas to the community lists" in AnnounceFAQ
* Merge anything worth keeping from AnnounceFAQ to MS FAQ, maybe
obsolete MS FAQ as well.

=S Page

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