[Techteam] XO-1.5 Kernel Update (i.e My Weekly Status)

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Jul 20 15:42:40 EDT 2009

Deepak Saxena wrote:

>   So far our minimal testing shows that we may be able to freeze 
>   on 5 seconds of inactivity instead of 30 and not see a glitch 
>   in the screen contents.

I don't quite understand this.  There should not be any difference for 
screen glitching between 5 seconds and 1 second or even less than 1 
second.  30 seconds was a compromise number that allowed a fair number 
of apps to still behave properly when idle-suspend was enabled.

XO-1.5 firmware supports timed EC wakeups and there are timers in the 
via chipset that operate from the suspend well so power wise we would be 
much better off to have the idle time set at <=1 second or and a timer 
wake the system up every 5 seconds if you needed that level of granularity.

In any case time based suspend is not where we want to go anyway.  We 
need proper idle detection and some sort of API such that apps which 
have a workload that idle detection is difficult can specify that they 
need idle-suspend.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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