Availability of XO-1.5 ATest-2 machines

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Jul 20 13:16:29 EDT 2009

david at lang.hm wrote:

>> My proposal is instead to stop giving out inaccurate predictions, wait
>> a little longer, and publish real data.
> the trouble is that there is no such thing as 'real data' with 
> suspend/resume because the power used is so highly dependant on actual 
> useage patterns.
> however a worst case 'you will always get this much time, and may get 
> significantly more' is very repeatable and testable.

The wost case will be quite disappointing as the peak power draw of this 
machine is higher than XO-1.  I'd say how much higher but I don't yet 
know because we don't have the software support for turning on 
everything at once.  (on XO-1 peak power draw was camera running full 
screen with a ping -f going on on WLAN)

It may take a bit to discover where peak usage is on this system.  I'll 
get an idle baseline soon.

While we are on subject it would be nice to outline what usage profiles 
  should be tested to how to automatically and repeatedly create these 

I've been studying the stuff listed below which outlines several 
different workloads and has code that will automate them if you install 
the apps.


Unfortunately the bltk fails to run on my Ubuntu system.  It seems to 
trip the buffer overflow detection code and gets shutdown.

I've also been pondering using dogtail to automate some workloads


I'm leaning toward using dogtail to re-implement some of the suggested 
workloads from bltk and add some OLPC specific ones.  So if anyone 
wanted to help then creating a couple of different automated workloads 
via dogtail would be very nice.  This can be done on a Gen 1.

I'll work on verifying that my previous power management logging stuff 
works on Gen 1.5.

Richard Smith  <richard at laptop.org>
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