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Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 20 12:05:34 EDT 2009

NoiseEHC wrote:
>> There are no free 3D drivers.  I have heard nothing to indicate that there
>> are likely to be soon.  I would be surprised if OLPC were to ship the
>> proprietary drivers, though I cannot speak for them.
> Then please test the xvideo extension with sleep/resume.
> I assumed (wrongly) that there was some way to stretch-blit bitmaps to 
> the video memory on X (as the Geode video processor is clearly up to 
> this rescaling task). 

You are mistaken.  The Geode LX has a two scaler units, and neither can
feed back to the main CPU.  One of them is in the Geode Display Controller
(not the DCON), and simply scales the entire screen to the output.  The
other is in the Video Controller, and can be used only for overlay
scaling.  Either way, the scaled output is never written to video memory.
 The Graphics Controller, which can manipulate video memory, does not
contain a scaler.

> Unfortunately it turned out (or I am mistaken) 
> that the only way to scale animations is to use the xvideo extension. 
> However it is unusable on the XO-1 because of this bug. If the XO-1.5 
> will not have working OpenGL out of the box then probably it would be 
> wise to have the only usable X feature for games in a working condition.
> http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9307

I agree, it would be valuable to fix this bug.

> ps:
> If somebody could prove me wrong in that X is not a clusterfuck and can 
> do strectch blits then I would be happy...

The only way X could do "stretch blits" on the XO-1 hardware would be to
interpolate on the CPU.


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