A1 Motherboard specs diagram

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Mon Jul 20 07:47:47 EDT 2009

> There are no free 3D drivers.  I have heard nothing to indicate that there
> are likely to be soon.  I would be surprised if OLPC were to ship the
> proprietary drivers, though I cannot speak for them.

Then please test the xvideo extension with sleep/resume.
I assumed (wrongly) that there was some way to stretch-blit bitmaps to 
the video memory on X (as the Geode video processor is clearly up to 
this rescaling task). Unfortunately it turned out (or I am mistaken) 
that the only way to scale animations is to use the xvideo extension. 
However it is unusable on the XO-1 because of this bug. If the XO-1.5 
will not have working OpenGL out of the box then probably it would be 
wise to have the only usable X feature for games in a working condition.

If somebody could prove me wrong in that X is not a clusterfuck and can 
do strectch blits then I would be happy...

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