A1 Motherboard specs diagram

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Jul 20 00:19:25 EDT 2009

Carlos Nazareno wrote:

> This has a power consumption of 3.5W which is significantly higher
> than the AMD 0.8-1.3W of the XO-1's AMD Geode LX 700. This is why I
> was asking about battery life -- it's a concern for using the XO with
> common tasks like as a mobile e-book reader.
> I'm pretty certain there's going to be a hit on battery life compared
> to the XO-1, but I'm pretty excited about the faster chip + upped
> memory as this now means that the XO will now be able to surf sites
> heavy with AJAX and Flash as well as be able to watch Flash video
> within the browser such as on sites like YouTube -- something not
> decently possible with the XO-1.

Power is a curious animal.  Quite often it works very different than you 
would expect.

The peak power draw of the XO-1.5 will be quite a bit higher than the 
XO-1.  However, the C7 can enter much lower power states than the Geode 
could and it can enter them automatically and quickly.  Until we measure 
it we just don't know.

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