Testing summary - 18 July 2009 Wellington, NZ

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Fri Jul 17 22:11:23 EDT 2009

Testing summary - 18 July 2009, Wellington, NZ

Who: Tim, Tabitha, Grant, Uli, Stella, Leah, Becs, Brenda, Callum, Dave, Sigi

Putting dev keys in the last XOs to be updated.

Updating builds from 767 to 802 on all XOs

Trying soas-strawberry in virtual machines on other laptops.

tested out chat with six XOs then added write activity but we could
not see each others writing :-( though seeing each other in the frame
in both activities. In the neighborhood view we are seeing each other
but we keep appearing and disappearing. tried different XOs sharing
the activity and this time it worked. tried adding picture, some XOs
got picture, some XOs stopped sharing - seems we now have at least
three versions of the truth. multiple cursors are flashing in
different places on each XO. we are seeing different numbers of other
XOs in activity in frame. write quit itself on two XOs.  This does not
seem to be impacting chat activity. we still sharing chat no worries.

M_Stone requests openvpn experiment with us, on five XOs, so we be on
same ethernet. Seemed like we could connect to vpn but then got stuck
when pinging address M_Stone sent us. Could not access sample keys.
Further information from m_stone. Happy to test further next week.

Walter Bender requests tests of turtleart-55: found that on
wiki.laptop you get version 44, on sugarlabs.org you get version 55
from the top right hand activities link but version 51 from the
activities link in the middle of the sugarlabs.org page. Pop up
windows is making it very difficult to install new activities as
dialogue box appears in window behind, or does not appear at all. This
is impacting how browse activity works too - if we cant close pop up
(due to no close button sometimes and cant move window around) we
cannot end the browse activity. It is further impacting in that the
window is appearing to sit in front of frame and impacting other zoom
views, e.g. going in front of neighbourhood view. Could not install
activities on some XOs from sugarlabs site.

Had to go. :-(

More testing next week.

Thanks everyone


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