New kernel branch for XO-1 and XO-1.5 development

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Jul 9 21:07:41 EDT 2009

david at wrote:
 > part of the question is going to be what modules need to be installed.
 > a generic fedora system installs modules for everything, but each module 
 > wastes a partial page of ram, which can add up on a low memory system.
 > you may want to include every USB driver as a module, or it may be worth 
 > trimming down the list of modules with a method to add others as needed.

deepak and i were just talking about this yesterday.  we have it
noted in a trac ticket that while we'd like to constrain the size
of the default install, we'd like to make available a more
complete set of modules that represent easily pluggable add-on
devices (primarily USB devices:  serial, bluetooth, tablets,
etc).  one could picture an add-on RPM or "extra-modules". 
unfortunately, no other (?) distro does this, so there's no
convenient packaging format to piggy-back on.

 paul fox, pgf at

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