Touch-screen OMAP3-based netbook as XO-2 prototype?

Ed McNierney ed at
Wed Jul 8 13:13:54 EDT 2009

John -

Thanks for keeping this on the radar.  I have a pair on order (one  
with keyboard, one without) in the hopes of both doing some  
experimenting and trying out that USB host/host connection glue, too.   
I'll let the list know when we get them here at 1CC to play with -  
they're pre-ordered and allegedy shipping in July, but I haven't had a  
shipment notification nor has my credit card been charged yet.

	- Ed

On Jul 7, 2009, at 4:53 PM, John Gilmore wrote:

> The new "Touch Book" by "Always Innovating" looks interesting as a
> possible prototype for the XO-2.  It looks vaguely like an ordinary
> netbook, but the electronics are behind the screen as in the XO-1, as
> is one of the batteries.  So the keyboard half can detach from the
> screen/electronics package.  The two are connected via USB (and the
> keyboard provides a second battery, doubling life to 10 hrs).  $299 in
> quantity one ($399 with keyboard).  Fanless, uses TI OMAP3, internal
> SDHC card for storage, internal USB slots for connectivity.  Open
> source oriented company, running Linux, XFCE, etc (Ångström Distro,
> which started from OpenEmbedded).  They are willing to license the
> hardware design, or even give it away to open-source-oriented
> projects.  Motherboard is tiny; photo below.
> What it doesn't have that the XO-2 wants:
>  *  Multi-touch or all-fingers touch-screen-keyboard.
>  *  Mary Lou's screens.
>  *  Camera
>  *  Two screens (however I bet you could attach two of them to each
>     other with a little bit of USB host/host connection glue).
> FYI.
> 	John
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