Touch-screen OMAP3-based netbook as XO-2 prototype?

John Gilmore gnu at
Tue Jul 7 16:53:39 EDT 2009

The new "Touch Book" by "Always Innovating" looks interesting as a
possible prototype for the XO-2.  It looks vaguely like an ordinary
netbook, but the electronics are behind the screen as in the XO-1, as
is one of the batteries.  So the keyboard half can detach from the
screen/electronics package.  The two are connected via USB (and the
keyboard provides a second battery, doubling life to 10 hrs).  $299 in
quantity one ($399 with keyboard).  Fanless, uses TI OMAP3, internal
SDHC card for storage, internal USB slots for connectivity.  Open
source oriented company, running Linux, XFCE, etc (Ångström Distro,
which started from OpenEmbedded).  They are willing to license the
hardware design, or even give it away to open-source-oriented
projects.  Motherboard is tiny; photo below.

What it doesn't have that the XO-2 wants:

  *  Multi-touch or all-fingers touch-screen-keyboard.
  *  Mary Lou's screens.
  *  Camera
  *  Two screens (however I bet you could attach two of them to each
     other with a little bit of USB host/host connection glue).



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