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John Watlington wad at
Fri Jul 3 01:41:58 EDT 2009

On Jul 1, 2009, at 9:32 AM, Abhishek Indoria wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if I could get some help,
> First, about installing activities, i can't
> connect to internet on my xo wirelessly thanks to indian govt. Where
> can i find activities to download?

You can download the activities from 
Some of the activites at
run on the current XO build (which uses an older version of Sugar).
Place them on a USB key, then place that key in your XO.  You can then
select the USB key symbol in the journal to view the contents of the  
and drag the activities from the there to the journal icon in the lower
left hand corner of your screen.

>  Second, in my xo, i have saved some
> of my work, (JOURNAL KEPT IT ACTUALLY) and i wandered around terminal
> and started sugar launch. After some time, when i started my xo again,
> all my previous work was gone, and journal showed only terminal
> activities. What is that;)

No idea.  There are bugs in the Sugar version in current XO builds,
you could report them, but we are trying to move to the current version
which has the support of the Sugar community.

>   third, can't I place totem media player in home view from  
> terminal ( /usr/bin/totem)??
>  Fourth, i can access internet via my cellphone, can't I
> connect  xo to net via cellphone?
> Fifth, I can't access my 2GB thumbdrive from XO.
> There are some suggestions from me --
> Next time, when another XO laptop is launched, can you please give  
> users an alternative of installing different editions(products) of  
> Linux? It may be sugar, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora or something else.

You could check out:

> Sugar frame can be provided much more excitement by adding a clock  
> in it.
> Some more activities could be provided. and Certainly, some more  
> sound improvement can be done.
> I can help in any way you like me to get involved.
> Thanks, Any help will be appreciated.

Most of the work into new activites is on the sugar mailing list.
See and click on contributors.


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