Touchpad problem

Daniel Drake dsd at
Sat Jan 31 17:22:33 EST 2009

2009/1/31 Tiago Marques <tiagomnm at>:
> Almost already as I started using it, I noticed that sometimes the touchpad
> would be irresponsive.
> I may use it for hours without having a problem but, when it happens, it
> usually doesn't start working again soon.

Which OS version are you using? I'm assuming 8.2.0. This is fixed for
8.2.1, perhaps you'd like to join the testing effort?

> Sometimes it just jumps around like crazy, sometimes it just goes the wrong
> way I want it to. When this happens, the touchpad's buttons also are
> irresponsive, for as much as I press either one.

When this happens, best thing to do is let go for a few seconds so
that it can recalibrate. Most of the time, the driver detects that the
mouse is going crazy, but it is unable to recalibrate while you are
using it. Alternatively, you can force a recalibration using


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