Testing summary - 31 January 2009

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Great stuff. Thanks.

In regard to the Turtle Art problem, the short-term work-around is a
block found on the "flow" palette. It has a lock icon on the block. It
will lock all the blocks above it so that you can move them off screen
without worrying about losing them. In the near term, I will try to
make the surface scroll so that you can have more room for your

See http://sugarlabs.org/go/Image:Lock-block.png for an example.



2009/1/30 Tabitha Roder <tabitha.roder at gmail.com>:
> Hello
> Who was here: Mel Chua, Becky, Alastair, Ed, Tabitha, Grant, Carl, Bob
> What did we do:
> Sensors -
> big fail on the magnets and wires sensors... could only generate a couple of
> millivolts but major success on the resistance test!!! Using usb power
> proved to be too sensitive but using just the microphone ports gave us a
> good range. Measure responded well on the resistance test but as noted the
> magnets and wires didn't generate enough power. Also plugged the resistance
> sensor into Turtle Art Portfolio 9. Grant was doing some major design work
> in turtle art and the resistance sensor gave a good degree of analog
> variance...
> TurtleArt Portfolio version 9 tests
> Had problems when creating a presentation with enough slides that it went
> off the edge. If you've pulled the slides up in order to add more to the
> bottom and try to drag them back down into the window, the blocks become
> disconnected and the beginning of the presentation is lost outside the
> borders and I was unable to retrieve them.
> SugarModification
> When modifying the views in sugar, it turns out that the identifier for the
> sunflower view is set to spiral-view, so that when adding the actual Spiral
> view from the insructions on the FOSS Sugar Manual and changing the
> identifier from my-layout to spiral-layout which seemed more logical it
> conflicted with with the sunflower view causing the default view setting to
> have problems.
> Chat across 3 o/s
> Tried to reproduce behaviour of trac bug 7706 (Chat Text doesn't appear on
> Mac iChat window unless you close it First), instead just got errors every
> time attempted to send messages from iChat to XO. Will do further debugging
> at home with packet sniffer.
> Thanks everyone!
> Kind regards
> Tabitha Roder
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