Testing summary - 31 January 2009

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Who was here: Mel Chua, Becky, Alastair, Ed, Tabitha, Grant, Carl, Bob

What did we do:
Sensors -
big fail on the magnets and wires sensors... could only generate a couple of
millivolts but major success on the resistance test!!! Using usb power
proved to be too sensitive but using just the microphone ports gave us a
good range. Measure responded well on the resistance test but as noted the
magnets and wires didn't generate enough power. Also plugged the resistance
sensor into Turtle Art Portfolio 9. Grant was doing some major design work
in turtle art and the resistance sensor gave a good degree of analog

TurtleArt Portfolio version 9 tests
Had problems when creating a presentation with enough slides that it went
off the edge. If you've pulled the slides up in order to add more to the
bottom and try to drag them back down into the window, the blocks become
disconnected and the beginning of the presentation is lost outside the
borders and I was unable to retrieve them.

When modifying the views in sugar, it turns out that the identifier for the
sunflower view is set to spiral-view, so that when adding the actual Spiral
view from the insructions on the FOSS Sugar Manual and changing the
identifier from my-layout to spiral-layout which seemed more logical it
conflicted with with the sunflower view causing the default view setting to
have problems.

Chat across 3 o/s
Tried to reproduce behaviour of trac bug 7706 (Chat Text doesn't appear on
Mac iChat window unless you close it First), instead just got errors every
time attempted to send messages from iChat to XO. Will do further debugging
at home with packet sniffer.

Thanks everyone!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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