[Testing] Notes from an impromptu 8.2.1 Release Mtg.

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Jan 30 09:30:28 EST 2009

>I'm having trouble comprehending your mail

Sorry if I wasn't clear.  (If it was simple we wouldn't be having this 

[I'm running with a B3 board in a B2 chassis, so there is a slight chance 
that this is confusing things.  I doubt it, but standard disclaimer...]

With "old" software, when I did a Restart from the GUI, or a fresh power up, 
my system would automatically connect via my Linksys  AP.  With the new 
software, that doesn't work.

I thought build 24 was going to correct/restore this action, but maybe that 
fix referred to WEP vs WPA.  (Or maybe I'm confused)

Bottom line is that a setup that I assume will be common for G1G1 doesn't 
work for me when it did with (slightly?) older software.

> What is 1352? joyride-1352? Ticket 1352?

Sorry, I didn't keep good notes.  The real filename was very long so I 
renamed it to something reasonable, or at least it seemed reasonable at the 
time.  It's joyride or whatever rather than a ticket.

I think it came from a URL in a recent message to devel, probably early in 
this subject/thread.  My quick attempts at tracking it down didn't get 
anywhere.  I've got the MD5 file so we should be able to find it if it's 
worth the effort.

Sorry.  (It seemed obvious at the time.)

> Have you ever connected to the network successfully (using
> staging-25)? If not, it will not attempt to connect on further boots.
> If yes, did you wait sufficiently long enough (perhaps as long as 5
> minutes) for the XO to check mesh channels for school servers before
> consulting the history of infrastructure networks? 

My current setup works if I wait a while after booting, then poke the icon 
for my AP.   (There is a Connect choice, but no others.  Just poking the icon 
without waiting for the menu does the right thing.)

That's after running Wpa.sh which I got  (ages ago) from ??? which writes 
some stuff to /home/olpc/.sugar/default/nm/networks.cfg

It might be something like the magic info is passed via some environment 
variable which is different from background/NetworkManager and GUI/screem.

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