Wellington OLPC/Sugar volunteer group - meeting this Saturday 10.30am, Southern Cross

Tabitha Roder tabitha.roder at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 03:16:36 EST 2009


Another Saturday is coming up fast and it has been an exciting week! With
Mel Chua visiting us for a WEEK we have had some fantastic opportunities to
tap into her expertise and she is excited about coming to testing this
weekend to see how we roll, with the offer of showing us how to make sensors
for TurtleArt. Mel also eager to learn about and document how the Welly test
group works, because of interest in starting a similar group back in Boston.
Mel also gave us a wee XO gift which we will bring along for you to try out.

Walter gave two presentations (thanks Catalyst for hosting venue and
refreshments, thanks Computer Clubhouse for paying for Walters flights)
about Sugarlabs and has helped us to see different places Sugar can be used
around NZ and the Pacific region.

So usual story:
10.30am kick off at The Cross, 35 Abel Smith Street, see you there!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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