AMD to stop working on Geodes

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> >e of the economic crunch.
> >
> > This is completely wrong and low-power + efficiency is exactly where
> > all computing should go. multicore GHz monsters should be sold to
> > people who really need them and not to joe average who just needs to
> > surf and do ms office work.
> What  makes you think that's all the average Joe does with his computer?
> This is a blindness that always amazes me when I see it. Does every
> single motherboard now come with
> a 3D chip to suf the web and do ms office work?
> Since the beginning of the microcomputer revolution people have SAID
> they were buyign the computer to
> word process, or do spreadsheets, but the number one selling pecie fo
> software, the one
> comaptability test every clone maker had tio pass, was running MS
> Flight Simualtor.
> People say they buy computers to work, but by and large they really
> buy them to play.  And geodes
> wont run modern games so they aren't selling.

Neither do Celerons ULV 900 and the current Intel Atom, just see how they
are doing. Call them the Wii of personal computers, if you may.
One of the problems with the Geode LX is that it doesn't run youtube quite
As sales of the OLPC G1G1 came down to 7% of last year, it seems people
didn't like to pay more for a "netbook" that doesn't do youtube how a $199
EEE does. That 93% less Geodes sold sure must help AMD to not look at the
Geode the same way. A Geode shrunk to 45nm sure would help the XO, heck,
even a 65nm one would.
Perhaps time for a "Get 4 Give 1" program? Where each XO sold to the public,
1/4 of it's value is for a donated XO. That could help bring mass production
closer to the desired numbers, mass public availability sure has helped that
darn Classmate.
Just my 2 cents.

Best regards,
                                   Tiago Marques
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