Backlight control

Marco Pesenti Gritti marcopg at
Sat Jan 24 10:16:47 EST 2009

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 4:07 PM,  <pgf at> wrote:
> right -- there's only a python dependency in that when someone asks
> "how do i change the brightness", they're pointed to python code.  :-)

Well... Wad needed it for a python activity. And even if you need to
write it in another language, the example is useful for illustrative
reasons. It would have been the same if I pointed someone to a C
implementation, when he needed it in python or javascript.

>  > > dep on dbus. Leaving aside technical considerations about dbus, pretty
>  > > much everything in the desktop land requires it these days (and ohm is
>  > > heavily based on it afaik). It's not worth to resist the flow ;)
> perhaps that's true for dbus.  but it's too much of that thinking
> that makes the current XO distributions as slow as they are.  :-/

Sure, you could rewrite the whole software stack from scratch and get
something which is hugely faster. But that would take you n years,
where n is a very large number. Let's stick to the specific case, I
don't think the use of dbus here has any user visible performance

> btw, in the code marco pointed to:
> it looks like there's a missing assignment to _ohm_service (i.e., to
> save the connection so it doesn't need to be recreated each time).  am i
> mis-reading?

Ouch, please ticket it, thanks. (


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