SoaS on the XO progress

Marco Pesenti Gritti marcopg at
Fri Jan 23 12:17:56 EST 2009

Yay, stock F10 is now running GNOME fine. Some more things I found:

* I was not using -a when copying the files, so owners and all kind of
other stuff was not preserved. That's the cause of the hal failure,
new script attached.

* With selinux enabled you cannot login from the console. Perhaps
jffs2/selinux issues? I'm just disabling it for now.

-selinux --enforcing
+selinux --disabled

* rpm does not work. It complains about mmap failure when reading the
db, jffs2 related?

* X doesn't actually crash the system, it's just very broken :) If you
switch to vt and back you can also see some parts of the gdm screen.
It looks definitely like a regression in the updates. If I build an
image with updates disabled X works fine.

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