OLPC vs Fedora packages

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 23:15:21 EST 2009

> Just thought I'd post my understanding of where the packages are at
> based on the list that was created at FUDCon
> For reference see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OLPC/Packages_for_F11
> Also there's the OLPCDelta tracking bug in RHBZ 462625 for quick
> tracking of the ones I'm aware of.
> KOJI packages
> GConf-dbus - Should be able to untag. I think its also used to reduce
> the deps on bonobo etc.
> SDL_mixer - see RHBZ 471623 - Need someone to update if my thoughts are correct.
> abiword - mostly forked to reduce dependencies on things like
> printing. Probably will be unnecessary with the next major release as
> most of the old deps on libgnome libgnomeprint etc should disappear
> hippo-canvas - From my testing bigboard and mugshot compile OK but I
> can't really test so it should be mergeable.
> hulahop - OLPC-4 branch merged (and removed) just waiting for the push
> to mainline. Push to testing just happened today. So can essentially
> be removed from this list.
> initscripts - I seem to remember the main reason was due to rainbow
> using process number 1 and hence initscripts running as process number
> 2. JKatz is the one in the know here.
>  olpc-utils - due to olpcupdate not being in Fedora and its dependant on it.
> sugar-evince - Probably need to get evince split into evince-libs and
> evince so that sugar-evince can build against evince-libs. Not sure if
> there's plans to get sugar-evince upstreamed for easy maintenance
> telepathy* - no idea but its documented well by others :-)
> totem-* - dependency reduction - I think these can probably mostly go
> away with the plans to introduce the ability for multiple desktops to
> run (sugar and something else) as e-d-s will probably be there anyway
> upstart - I believe its the same as for initscripts (rainbow). This I
> think is another one for JKatz. I also think there was discussion on
> fedora-olpc back in Sept/Oct timeframe.
> JOYRIDE packages
> libertas-usb8388-firmware - is in Fedora-10 and rawhide already. I
> thought I'd unlinked the non mainline version as we were shipping the
> same package in F-10 as we are for 9.1.0 and rawhide has the latest
> (or near latest) version.
> I'll also link the RHBZ bugs if there is one near each of the
> mentioned packages in the wiki.

To reply to myself....

The other things that also come to mind but aren't listed that I think
also need fixing are (or at least I'm not sure the state of them):
- xulrunner and the OLPC patches (currently using mainline Fedora
package) - Mario & Simon
- NetworkManager - Not sure what the state of the mesh patches (or
maybe its some other patches) is.
- numeric vs numpy (I think this is the pygtk issue).


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