OLPC vs Fedora packages

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 22:31:22 EST 2009

Just thought I'd post my understanding of where the packages are at
based on the list that was created at FUDCon

For reference see https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OLPC/Packages_for_F11

Also there's the OLPCDelta tracking bug in RHBZ 462625 for quick
tracking of the ones I'm aware of.

KOJI packages

GConf-dbus - Should be able to untag. I think its also used to reduce
the deps on bonobo etc.

SDL_mixer - see RHBZ 471623 - Need someone to update if my thoughts are correct.

abiword - mostly forked to reduce dependencies on things like
printing. Probably will be unnecessary with the next major release as
most of the old deps on libgnome libgnomeprint etc should disappear

hippo-canvas - From my testing bigboard and mugshot compile OK but I
can't really test so it should be mergeable.

hulahop - OLPC-4 branch merged (and removed) just waiting for the push
to mainline. Push to testing just happened today. So can essentially
be removed from this list.

initscripts - I seem to remember the main reason was due to rainbow
using process number 1 and hence initscripts running as process number
2. JKatz is the one in the know here.

 olpc-utils - due to olpcupdate not being in Fedora and its dependant on it.

sugar-evince - Probably need to get evince split into evince-libs and
evince so that sugar-evince can build against evince-libs. Not sure if
there's plans to get sugar-evince upstreamed for easy maintenance

telepathy* - no idea but its documented well by others :-)

totem-* - dependency reduction - I think these can probably mostly go
away with the plans to introduce the ability for multiple desktops to
run (sugar and something else) as e-d-s will probably be there anyway

upstart - I believe its the same as for initscripts (rainbow). This I
think is another one for JKatz. I also think there was discussion on
fedora-olpc back in Sept/Oct timeframe.

JOYRIDE packages

libertas-usb8388-firmware - is in Fedora-10 and rawhide already. I
thought I'd unlinked the non mainline version as we were shipping the
same package in F-10 as we are for 9.1.0 and rawhide has the latest
(or near latest) version.

I'll also link the RHBZ bugs if there is one near each of the
mentioned packages in the wiki.


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