Nand blaster with 30 XOs

pgf at pgf at
Mon Jan 12 15:35:37 EST 2009

ricardo wrote:
 > Mitch,
 > Nandblaster is a blast! We updated 29 XOs in less than 30 minutes
 > (most in less than 20 minutes).


 > Just one XO froze (two times), but this unit seems problematic anyway.
 > I am attaching the stats for the other 28.
 > There is a minor caveat (that is not actually related to the
 > nandblaster): Once you finish updating the XO that will be replicated
 > it woud be useful to put it in a state such that the XO-name and color
 > will be asked again after boot (otherwise you finsh with a lot of xos
 > with the same name and color). It is probably a matter of removing a
 > file.

if you've booted the XO, there's more than that that's been
cloned which might be a problem.  (ssh host key, for example.)
you should really nandblast images that haven't been booted. 
(erikg:  did you finish your audit of what exactly gets changed?)

 paul fox, pgf at

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