Testing summary - 10 January 2009

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Thanks to Ian Thomson for coming along and talking to everyone about Oceania
deployments. There were lots of fantastic talks today with a diverse group
of people present. We are hoping to hear some kiwi's could be volunteering
in the Pacific Islands over the next few months - fingers crossed funds can
be found.

Who came: Carl, Ian, Edward, Murray, Brenda, Callum, Uli, Jonathan, Kaleb,
Joshhua, Aida, Tabitha, Aaron, Douglas, Queenie

Food Force II
Tested on 5 XOS, concept awesome and appropriate for developing countries
(keep working on it please), takes a long time to load - uses a lot of
processing power so runs real slow, shares in neighbourbood view but does
not collaborate. Usability - ignoring slowness, the edges of the screen are
designed to move the user view of the village but the selection buttons at
the bottom of the screen are within the scroll trigger zone so when trying
to select it is scrolling. Would be good if there was a "where you are now"
indicator on the map (for when you have scrolled away from the village).
Query - would speed increase if run from school server rather than local? We
are extremely excited about this activity and look forward to seeing this

Today we had bonjour chat on Ubuntu (pidgin on 8.10 and 8.4) talking to the
XOs without issue. Intiating a chat from Ubuntu to the XOs would pop up a
chat icon, which clicking on would start a Chat application. However, a OS X
macbook with (using ichat bonjour) could see the XO's, but would return the
error message "Instant Message connection failed. The other person's
computer may not be reachable." Also, there is no way for an XO to initiate
a chat, or see non-XO computers using the bonjour chat protocol.

Plans for next couple of weeks -
Next Saturday 17 January - learn how to pull apart your XO and put it back
together (thanks Callum, our resident expert in XO repairs) - at The Cross
Tuesday 27 January - meet Walter Bender, SugarLabs founder - further details
to come but can say it will be at Catalyst offices in Willis Street
One day soon - update from Andrew McMillan on OLPC presentations at Linux
Conference (February?)
One day soon - Martin Langhoff update on School server and python for sugar
programming sessions (February?)

Feel free to invite others.

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Have a fantastic week!

Kind regards
Tabitha Roder


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