Leaving soon

Ricardo Carrano carrano at laptop.org
Fri Jan 9 19:08:33 EST 2009

Dear all,

I am also sad to be leaving the project. It's been a true honor to
work in such a great project and with such a great team.

For those who are leaving I reinforce the "best of luck" votes. For
those who are staying I say the same and also ask that you don't  be
disheartened. We're all sad these days. These are hard times, but they
too will pass and OLPC must endure and look into the future. Its
mission is too important.

The success of OLPC goes far beyond that awesome 500 thousand XOs (and
counting) in the hands of kids. It is reinforcing the very idea that
we should care for the education of children, that they are important
and deserve the best, that is truly invaluable. We hope differently,
but even if they get a commercial laptop running a proprietary
operating system they will benefit and this will be, at least in part,
due to the job that OLPC started and how it changed the economics in
that "market" no one was paying attention to. So, please, keep up with
the good work, more kids are waiting for their green little laptops!
It was never an easy job, anyway. :-)

I started as a volunteer, and intend to keep helping if I can, again
as a volunteer. In my last days as a contractor I intend to revise the
documentation in the wiki that relate to wireless (there is a lot
there already, just needing some better linking).

My original planning for January was to finish the tx power tests
(just reported what was found in #9187) and test the scalability of
the "XO as an acess point" set up.  I am also coordinating tests to
better understand and adapt to dense wireless scenarios like the one
in classrooms, when tens of XOs are connected to access points. This
is not a short term task and I intend to continue with that and with
the training of students that will help run the tests and interpret
the results at UFF (Brazil).

But of course, this agenda may change in the face of other, more
urgent needs. So, just let me know how can I help now and in the

My best regards,
Ricardo Carrano

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