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Well, I am sorry I did not know the situation, so that is why
I asked. However, I did not ask about who was laid off, but
just wanted to know who is taking care of what now. At some
point, this will need to be divulged, I expect?

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>>> [...] In other words, it would be useful to get a who's who for the
>>> project.
>> +1
> Please have some consideration for the recently unemployed.  Not
> everyone wants this fact announced to the world, and Ed would
> certainly be out of place as manager if he were to do so preemptively.
> I don't know, but there may even be contractors or others who OLPC
> management has not been able to get in touch with, who don't yet know
> their job status.  Please be patient.
> I expect those who are comfortable announcing their employment status
> will do so, here or in some other appropriate venue.
>  --scott
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