Greg Smith Over and Out

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Thu Jan 8 09:55:00 EST 2009

Hi All,

My time on this project is over for now! I was laid off yesterday and 
tomorrow is my last day at OLPC.

So many things to follow up on, its hard to know where to begin handing 
off. I can say that XO Camp is on for next week as planned. SJ is now 
coordinating it.

Aside from that, contact Ed McNierney <ed at laptop dot org> for any 
development questions or anything else on my plate.

I'm sorry to drop the ball, but I need to find a new job ASAP. Perhaps I 
can participate again in the future but I'm unsubscribing from all lists 
as of tomorrow.

If I can pass along some history or other work, don't hesitate to 
contact me.

My new e-mail address: gregsmithpm at

To come to OLPC, I left a safe and lucrative job making some of the most 
advanced computers in the world. I took a big risk to work on what I 
think is important and I gave it everything I could.

I have no regrets. I'm proud of what I accomplished and honored to have 
been a member of this great community.

Its time to go back and take care of my own family again. Let me know if 
anyone has leads on Product Manager openings in Massachusetts or 
tele-commuting. My technical specialties have been high-end routers and 
networking, distributed server architectures, image and video 
processing, and online marketing including data analysis. Now I'll add 
open source development, social networking/Web 2.0, educational 
software, low cost computing and wireless networking to that list ;-)

As a product manager, I write the business case and technical 
requirements and manage all aspects of the project to get a quality 
product built and shipped on time. Give me n engineers to work with and 
I'll give you n Million $s in revenue in the first year and double that 
every 6 months after.

That's my new pitch :-) Send me an e-mail with any leads or for a copy 
of my resume.

Good luck! Please keep at it if you can. There are hundreds of thousands 
of kids using the XO now. Regardless of organizational priorities, they 
deserve the very best software available.


Greg S

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