New joyride build 2619

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Thu Jan 8 07:22:11 EST 2009

Changes in build 2619 from build: 2617

Size delta: 0.00M

-cerebro 2.10.0-1.olpc3
+cerebro 3.0.0-1.olpc3
-NetworkManager 1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4326.fc10
+NetworkManager 1:0.7.0-1.git20090102.fc10
-NetworkManager-glib 1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4326.fc10
+NetworkManager-glib 1:0.7.0-1.git20090102.fc10
-openssl 0.9.8g-11.fc10
+openssl 0.9.8g-12.fc10

--- Changes for cerebro 3.0.0-1.olpc3 from 2.10.0-1.olpc3 ---
  + 2.10.0: eliminated, removed automatic request for pictures, changed representation of files in profiles, incorporated Elliot's changes

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