for those recently laid off...

Albert Cahalan acahalan at
Thu Jan 8 02:05:17 EST 2009

In case any low-level hackers are included in the layoffs, note
that my employer can hire a good number of them. (if US citizen)
In case you know somebody appropriate who no longer reads devel,
please let him know. People might unsubscribe when laid off, or
might have been subscribed via a now-dead address.

Overtime is rare, and paid, so there could be plenty of time for
hacking on personal projects. The work is interesting and varied.
Some will find it to be feel-good work as well.

Since we need multiple people, you don't need to be an expert in
everything. We need versatile hackers with a wide range of skills.
Roughly, desired skills/experience goes something like this:

comfortable with a hex dump
debugger internals
emulator internals, including JIT
compiler internals
assembly for multiple platforms
reverse engineering
internals for multiple OSes
malware internals
network protocols (any and all)
embedded development in general
vulnerability discovery

It wouldn't hurt to be handy with numerous other things: soldering,
AI, WxWidgets, i18n issues, logic analyser, spectrum analyser, etc.

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