File bugs, don't fix 'em.

genesee genesee.gbh at
Wed Jan 7 22:24:06 EST 2009

Whoa, now! I didn't mean to open a can of worms...

I searched Trac quite a while ago about this and was only reminded by Mikus'
post and foolishly decided to add my 2 cents worth. See what happens when I
reply? The 'official' Forum would be a better venue for my input if there
was more activity there, (the 'News" Forum is brutal, slow, ugly and useless
on my xo). The politics and dynamics of olpc v. sugarlabs v. foss v.
University of Oregon Fighting Ducks v. G1G1 has never been clear to me. I
have learned which authors to pay attention to on the lists. Walter, of
course, is my hero. Funny, can't recall a single post by NN? Some I pursue
and trust are Mikus, cscott, Tomeu, Michael Stone, skierpage, AuntiMame,
whatshisface at S.F. State and a few others. Hate to see y'all bickering.
You guys rock!

Sure there is something wrong...but it is always thus. Is the Media Lab
Vallhalla? Was PARC heaven on earth? Is Xanadu, well, Xanadu? (btw, where
the hell is Ted Nelson and why isn't he here?)

Tomeu Vizoso-2 wrote:
> I don't know why I'm discussing this here, but anyway.
> If someone is giving as much as it's in his hands and even then it's
> not enough but that guy chooses to keep going instead of jumping ship,
> is it fair to throw shit at him for not being able to give more? Even
> more when you probably have no idea about which other responsibilities
> that person has apart from "fixing and filing bugs".
> OLPC has very high and noble goals and their employees and contractors
> are working as much as they can despite the ridiculous amount of
> resources available. Even if some of them are working in a project
> that you don't like, is it really fair to picture them as slackers in
> front of all the people?
> Is this just obvious to me? Or are there other people that think that
> OLPC troubles are due to their workers being incompetent and/or lazy?
> Regards,
> Tomeu
> On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 18:01, Wade Brainerd <wadetb at> wrote:
>> Frustration aside, the purpose and responsibility of management is to
>> stay on top of bugs, push people to comment on and fix them, etc.
>> It certainly should not be the users' responsibility.  Programmers
>> typically don't have the high level appreciation for the project
>> status and goals to be able to triage and prioritize, and it also
>> takes a lot of their time.
>> So in the case where we are frustrated that a bug isn't getting dealt
>> with, we should be bugging Greg, and he should be bugging Eben :)
>> -Wade
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