Fedora Desktop on XO

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 20:35:55 EST 2009

Hi Chris,

>   > For the evince vs sugar-evince I suspect we need to try and get the
>   > mainline evince split out into evince and evince-libs so that we
>   > can build sugar-evince against it similar to what we do with
>   > abiword and write (I think that's its name).
> Yep, sounds good.

When I get a sec I'll look at what's required and file a RH bug for
evince to see if we can't get the package split up.

>   > As for the gconf2-dbus...... I know that's used over the usual dbus
>   > to drop out the bonobo dependencies but whether that is still a
>   > factor at the moment with the other things that pull bonobo in I'm
>   > not sure so it might be worthwhile working out whether we stick
>   > with it or move back to the mainline version. Not sure who knows
>   > the answer to that one, I know DSD got it compiled up but other
>   > than that I don't know the best person to ask.
> I think the reason we're using GConf2-dbus is actually that plain GConf2
> didn't work with Rainbow's preforking code after the move to F10, but
> we've reverted that preforking code for the moment, so perhaps we could
> just use plain GConf2..

If we can get a definite confirmation of that I'll untag the
GConf2-dbus build so that the original GConf gets pulled into joyride
and see where we end up from there.


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