GNOME vs XFCE + TeddyMark

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Tue Jan 6 18:06:35 EST 2009

>> If both browsers were using the same SWF plugin, then this is extremely
>> remarkable, and merits investigation.

Whoops! I forgot! Flash *does* perform differently under different browsers.

In terms of Flash 9 framerates in WinXP,
FireFox 2.x < Opera 9.x < IE 6

With my current rig:
Flash 10 TeddyMark Framerate
IE 7 < Opera 9.63 < Safari 3.2 < Firefox 3.05
(Safari & Firefox are very close with about 3 fps difference)

Ever since Firefox 3 was released, Flash has performed better on it
than in Opera. (if I remember correctly, same results under Ubuntu

If Browse is based on Firefox as people say (I thought it was
XULRunner? -> same engine that Firefox uses, but is not Firefox), then
this makes things even worse in the case of Browse because Adobe Flash
in Firefox 3 normally runs even faster than in Opera 9.x.

Anyway, I think it's the upscaling/zooming in that's causing Browse's
poor Flash (and everything else's!) performance in comparison to

Again, it would be real cool if you guys would run the benchmark just
so we can see tangible CPU performance numbers :)

TeddyMark for XO (reduced # of Teddies from 200 to 16!) can be run from:

I'll make sourcefiles and sourcecode hopefully available over the
weekend, but I gotta get back to work 1st then get some sleep.

The .swf you can rip directly from this URL:
of you want to run it on Gnash in standalone mode. I wouldn't
recommend doing that thos as fullscreen Flash for a CPU-heavy app
would be a framerate killer.

Nyt all!


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