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Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 16:27:33 EST 2009

I vote XFCE.

Guys, maybe this can help. I whipped up a flash CPU benchmarking tool
some time ago to measure the impact of switching from Actionscript 2.0
to 3.0. I called it TeddyMark and it has 16 instances of Teddy (a
character we made for one of our games) running around the screen and
an FPS meter on the upper left hand of the screen.

I found out it's a pretty good scalable CPU benchmark (just increase
Teddy count for faster computers), and could help solve this debate
CPU-impact wise :)

Let's just pick the same browser, then run TeddyMark on 'em under
XFCE, then on Gnome (let's throw in XO Sugar into the mix too!), then
see how many frames per second it runs under each window manager. The
window manager where TeddyMark runs faster should be the more
efficient one.

What do you guys think?

You can run TeddyMark at

It's a Flash 8 .SWF (max of 120fps) written in Actionscript 2.0 so it
should run under both Gnash and SWFDec, and I'll be releasing the
sourcecode under GPL as a Phlashers project soon.

I'd be really interested if you guys posted your FPS scores in here
(let it run for a couple of minutes for the FPS to stabilize to get
its true FPS).

In XO OS 8.2.0 + Sugar with no other activities running, I'm getting
5.5-5.65fps on Browse Activity and around 8.5fps on Opera 9.63



Carlos Nazareno
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