Recording XO Camp 2

Samuel Klein sj at
Tue Jan 6 14:13:50 EST 2009

I feel the same way about some of the FUDtalks.  We'll definitely have
our  video setup for XOCamp sessions.  We need to find a better mic,
though.  --SJ

2009/1/6 Carol Farlow Lerche <cafl at>:
> I hope that someone is planning to record these sessions as was done at the
> last event.  I watched all of these and found them very helpful and
> informative as a way to get the flavor of backstory, opinion and debate that
> doesn't always come through reading the lists.
> My personal opinion is that audio posted with a copy of the presentation
> slide deck is almost as good as video, and better in some ways, if this is
> easier.  Of course video is great to connect voices with faces when the
> videographer isn't drawn into side conversations and remembers to change the
> direction of the camera when the slides are in play.  (It's a lot to ask
> that someone withdraws from active participation enough to do this job, so I
> am not complaining about the occasional lapse.)
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