Fedora Desktop on XO

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 00:27:43 EST 2009

> Hi Greg,
> Sorry for delayed response, I've had little internet connectivity so
> have only had limited mail access and mostly through a windows box :(
>> I'm still looking for help resolving the dependencies Chris found when he
>> tried to install Gnome.
>> The issue and thread are documented in the specifications section here:
>> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Feature_roadmap/Run_Fedora_applications_on_XO
>> What do we do next when we get a list of "dependency errors"?
> Is this on 8.2.0 or joyride? It looks like 8.2 due to the gnome-python
> version being olpc3. I suspect some of the errors are due to the
> custom packages, or possibly due to a repo not being available. You
> can get some weird errors if there's two package provides split across
> repos (something like a base gnome-python provided by the olpc3 repo
> where as the gnome-python-blah which was stripped out of the olpc3
> build is then provided by the Fedora 9 repo. Overall it looks like an
> issue with cyrus-sasl. What does a "yum list cyrus-sasl*" show?

The other thing to check for is that there isn't multiple versions
installed (rpm -qa | grep cyrus), I've seen this sometimes with things
like glibc and openssl where there's both an i386 and i686 version.


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