question about how to re-flash the XO

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Feb 28 21:22:15 EST 2009

>> Suppose I have a file 'foobar.img' on an USB stick.  On an unsecured
>> XO, I'm at the 'ok' prompt.  What is the difference between using
>> 'copy-nand u:\foobar.img' versus using 'update-nand u:\foobar.img" ??

My question regarded an unsecured XO -- I have /security/develop.sig 
on the (install) USB stick.  Seems like there is no difference then.

> copy-nand performs a simplified non-secure update that uses "foo.img"
> and "foo.crc" as the source file.  It just blasts the raw data onto the
> NAND, block by block.

I've been using (as written up) 'copy-nand' to install Chris Ball's 
rawhide-xo images (which consist of xxx.crc and xxx.img on stick). 
[Showed a single area of green squares, then an area of blue.]

> update-nand performs the secure update procedure that uses "" as
> the source file.  It supports creating partitioned images via the
> command mechanism defined in

I was able to use (as written up) 'update-nand' to install Andres 
Salomon's debxo images (which consist only of xxx.dat and xxx.img on 
stick).   No file '' in sight.  [Did show an area of blue 
squares between two areas of green squares, then the remaining blue 


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