question about how to re-flash the XO

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sat Feb 28 12:31:35 EST 2009

> Suppose I have a file 'foobar.img' on an USB stick.  On an unsecured 
> XO, I'm at the 'ok' prompt.  What is the difference between using 
> 'copy-nand u:\foobar.img' versus using 'update-nand u:\foobar.img" ??
> Thanks,  mikus

update-nand performs the secure update procedure that uses "" as 
the source file.  It supports creating partitioned images via the 
command mechanism defined in

copy-nand performs a simplified non-secure update that uses "foo.img" 
and "foo.crc" as the source file.  It just blasts the raw data onto the 
NAND, block by block.

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