OS/X11 support for XO-1 hardware?

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Thu Feb 26 00:19:35 EST 2009

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Chris Marshall wrote:

> With the spin-off of Sugar development to sugarlabs,
> it is nice to see the development continued.
> However, it seems that the OLPC layoffs and refocus
> has scuttled the work to complete some OS and system
> software support for the XO-1 hardware features.
> For example, I have been waiting for the video scaler
> support to allow for adjustable display resolutions on
> the XO.  Among other things, it would allow programs
> that don't understand a 1200x900 but only 6x4" display
> to work at a more usable resolution where the graphic
> elements and text/fonts are consistent and visible to
> the naked eye...

programs that don't allow you to scale ther text/fonts are broken on 
_many_ systems, not just the XO. many distros let you install a 'large 
font' set (look at debxo 0.4 vs debxo 0.5 for an example of this, with 0.5 
they moved to a large font set)

>  It would allow for much improved
> video performance since you could play back a 320x240
> video on the full screen at considerable CPU savings.

except that you would spend those CPU savings doing the scaling up from 
320x240 to the higher resolution.

> I had thought this capability would be coming with
> the Fedora 10 move in 9.1.0.  With that release now
> scuttled, I'm wondering more generally, are these
> pieces being picked up anywhere?

I don't see this as a XO specific problem (what am I missing here?)

the piece that is still lacking with the other OS options is power 

David Lang

> Would it make sense to have an 8.2.2 release involving
> the move to Fedora 10 but pretty much the same as
> 8.2.1 otherwise?
> --Chris
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