New joyride build 2658

Build Announcer v2 reinier at
Fri Feb 20 18:44:57 EST 2009

Changes in build 2658 from build: 2657

Size delta: 0.00M

-bootfw q2e32-1.olpc2.unsigned
+bootfw q2e33-1.olpc2.unsigned

--- Changes for bootfw q2e33-1.olpc2.unsigned from q2e32-1.olpc2.unsigned ---
  + Improved pagination of key override manufacturing data tags
  + Corrected a few misreported SMBIOS items
  + Reduced the early-startup verbosity on the serial port
  + Fixed the VESA BIOS support for the Windows VgaSave driver
  + Set the IO space enable bit in the displays virtual PCI command register so the Windows XO display driver will claim the legacy resources

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