Guidance sought on collaboration techniques

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Thu Feb 19 11:31:54 EST 2009

On 19.02.2009, at 16:32, James Simmons wrote:

> Gary,
> I only have one XO.  I do all my development work on a couple of  
> Fedora
> 10 boxes running Sugar.  These two boxes are connected to the same
> router using Ethernet cables.  It has been my experience that the only
> way they can collaborate is through the jabber server, and that  
> makes me
> think that the mesh networking is a function of the wireless  
> networking
> built into the XO and that two computers wired to the same router  
> can't
> collaborate that way.  I'd be interested to know if I'm right.

I'm positive collab does work in a LAN (non-mesh) without server,  
that's how I usually test. But I also remember to have had problems at  
times. For example, there are wireless access points that appear to  
suppress some inter-client communications.

- Bert -

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