Guidance sought on collaboration techniques

James Simmons jim.simmons at
Thu Feb 19 10:32:36 EST 2009


I only have one XO.  I do all my development work on a couple of Fedora 
10 boxes running Sugar.  These two boxes are connected to the same 
router using Ethernet cables.  It has been my experience that the only 
way they can collaborate is through the jabber server, and that makes me 
think that the mesh networking is a function of the wireless networking 
built into the XO and that two computers wired to the same router can't 
collaborate that way.  I'd be interested to know if I'm right.


James Simmons

Gary C Martin wrote:
> Hmm, interesting. I've had no problems here with 3 XOs all seeing each 
> other, either via Mesh, or the single AP I have here. For most of the 
> last ~4 months I've usually had them all with a blank jabber server 
> setting and have been test collaborating locally. Actually, it's much 
> more testable/repeatable now that the jabber server is not set by 
> default, the default always seemed to be off-line; broken due to 
> server load; or more recently, running some test Gadget build that 
> prevented you from seeing anyone else.
> Actually that raises a question, did Gadget make it in to the 8.2.1 
> build? Or is this still a future maybe? I take it it is/would be a 
> Sugar future feature/dependancy?
> --Gary

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