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On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Holt wrote:

> CORRECTION: The Contributors Program is in fact operational, and will be
> undergoing pretty radical enhancement going forward, including local XO
> Projects Pools / Laptop Lending Libraries wherever we find responsible
> stewards worldwide (email if you can help!)
> Submit applications for free XO Laptop(s) here, if you have any Project
> idea that will genuinely contribute to the OLPC/Sugar community:
>  (site may change in future!)
> Please specify if you would like a Mentor to help you along -- I and our
> dedicated will do our best to
> help you nurture your Project wherever we can,
> --Holt
> PS other great avenues for obtaining (and giving) individual XO's are
> listed here:

there is also the issue that statments have been made that the new 2009 
give-many program is due to be scrapped at any second, at which time it 
will be impossible for any originization to get quantities <10,000

that will interfere with a lot of self-directed projects.

the availablility of the XO laptops _is_ an issue, for individuals and 

David Lang

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>> bert wrote:
>> > On 18.02.2009, at 18:01, John Watlington wrote:
>> >
>> >> We already have a developer program where we give away laptops
>> >> to interested people.
>> >
>> >
>> > This is for people already committed, already part of the community.
>> > It's a great program, I got my XOs from it.
>> it's also only great when it's operational.  i have no knowledge
>> of its current status, but there have been many complaints in the
>> last year or so that the program had stagnated.
>> paul
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