Favorite Projects for XO Development?

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Tue Feb 17 20:21:51 EST 2009

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009, Caryl Bigenho wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> OLPC will have a booth this weekend (2/20-2/22) at the Southern California Area LInux Expo (SCaLE).  This is a large conference (up to 1000) of open-source aficionados including programmers.  It is a great chance to recruit folks for our team of volunteer developers of Activities for the XO.

I spent a large chunk of time in the OLPC booth last year, and one 
significant problem was that many people in the booth (including myself) 
didn't have a good understanding of the politics and/or current status of 

this year things are _much_ messier, I've been trying to understand 
things, but it's been hard.

could folks who know what's going on make it a point to check mail 
frequently this weekend so that as questions come up that the people there 
disagree on the answer to the question can be fired off and gat a fairly 
prompt answer? it won't stop the wrong answer then, but it can at least 
get clarified rather than repeating the wrong thing all weekend (or worse, 
giving several answers)

if there is a good 'state of OLPC/Sugar/XO/etc' document to point at (such 
as the info that came out in the 'Please update etoys in 8.2.1' thread a 
couple of weeks ago), it would really help make sure everyone is on the 
same page.

I will have my two XO's there, I will try to have them running different 
flavors of DebXO (from USB sticks if nothing else, but quite possibly from 
the NAND), since the future direction is to have them run relativly 
standard distros, having examples of the different distros would be nice.

David Lang

> I am putting together a brochure to pass out at the conference and want to include information about some of the projects and proposals we have.  Could you all take a look at the page listed below and make any additions and updates you would like included?  I need this done by Wednesday Noon (PT). Thanks!
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Projects_and_proposals
> Caryl  OLPC Support Volunteer
> P.S. Excuse the multiple copies of this if you are subscribed to more than one list.  I will get several copies myself.
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