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2009/2/17 Jorge Saldivar <jorgesaldivar at gmail.com>:
> Thanks all for the answers.
> All ideas are good but for blind childrens are not so convenient. For that
> kind of people you have to make your life easier, that's why I automated all
> the procedures to share and join the activity. When you enter in room, the
> activity call the share() method from the activity object or call the method
> the join() method from the activity object depending on the case.
> And now the last thing that remains for me to do is after finish the game
> (remain the activity is a club with some board games) that they were playing
> both leave the shared game and stop sharing this in the mesh without stop
> the activity.

This simply isn't supported, as stated.

> I understand that Walter said that once you share an activity you can not
> stop it, until you stop the activity. Am I understanding right?

That's right.  Don't think of activity sharing at a granular level;
instead think of it like a declaration of a public space. A Club is
private, is shared among select individuals, or it's public.  Anyone
"on the list" can get in at any time to see who else is there and
perhaps what games are being played.

You don't need to make a Club private to finish a game. The game's
participants can cease sending game data traffic back and forth to
each other, of course, but they'll both remain within the shared Club,
where they could choose to start another game, or not, until they
choose to leave. As long as someone is in the Club, someone is
potentially looking for a partner to play with, and the activity
should remain shared to allow that.

In a sense, you're building something like most online PC games, in
which there is a "waiting room" of sorts where you linger between
matches.  The waiting room is still a shared public space, which can
exist even if no one is actively playing a game.  This argument makes
even more sense with the addition of ubiquitous activity chat, which
would provide a space for kids to discuss what game they want to play,
for instance.  If the Club was made private at the end of every game,
they'd loose this communication channel.

- Eben

> Thanks for the help.
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