Announcing the first 8.2.1 release candidate.

Chris Ball cjb at
Tue Feb 10 18:53:46 EST 2009


This e-mail is to announce the first in a series of signed candidate
builds leading up to the release of 8.2.1.  We'd love your help testing
them before release.

You can upgrade to this new build (candidate-800) using the instructions

Some particular areas we'd like to see testing of:

* Connecting to encrypted wireless access points.  We believe there are
  regressions here that we're trying to understand.  The test procedure
  - connect to a WEP/WPA AP
  - suspend/resume using the power button, see what happens
  - reboot, see what happens

  Some hypotheses we're trying to investigate are:
  - WEP always works
  - WPA works with some percentage chance of success 

  You can read more about the wireless testing that's been done already:
* We have a version of Browse that reads PDFs in the browser rather than
  Read, and that needs testing:

* To install other activities, you can use the "Software Update" section
  in the control panel, activated by hovering over the home view XO-man.

* It would be great to have help writing the release notes at:

  The input to the release notes is the state described by Michael
  Stone's excellent Trac report here:

You can find out how to send in feedback on this page:


- Chris, on behalf of the 8.2.1 team.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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