Notes from an impromptu 8.2.1 Release Mtg.

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Thu Feb 5 23:40:19 EST 2009

I updated from 8.2.0 build 767 to staging-27 with
   `sudo -v -v -v olpc-update staging-27`

and it all went very smoothly!

IMO,  the expired 
should be updated to staging-27 from staging-25

Good stuff

* Restart from Home view worked (sometimes I have to go into a console 
and press keys to complete shutdown, but not this time)
* Two startup chimes (I assume one was installing the new firmware)
* By the time I allowed Software update to run I was connected to my 
wireless access point (with WEP security).
* Software update offered no new activities (I had ran it the day before 
on build 767).

   Build     : 27
   Firmware  : CL1 Q2E30 Q2E
   Libertas  : 5.110.22.p23

Medium serious bugs

Build '27' is confusing, especially when "About my XO" doesn't show your 
release or stream (Trac 8260).  I updated the "What release am I 
running?" wiki page to mention this stream.

In Sugar control panel > Language, "Swedish (Sweden)" was highlighted! 
Sure enough, in the bash shell, LANG is set to sv_SE.utf8.  I'm pretty 
sure I never chose that, and other settings like Date & Time were 
unchanged.  Has anyone else noticed Language changing?

Why didn't Software update install the newer Browse (v.101 ?) that 
according to 
  ticket #9112 Enable Browse to embed PDF files in itself

A few minor things
I see a [Discard network history] button in the Network panel, I didn't 
notice this before but I think it was in 8.2.0.  The 8.2.0 manual should 
mention this.

In the Home view ring view, when I hide the frame (by moving away from a 
corner or pressing the Frame key), the very edge of the frame flickers 
white a few times.  I didn't notice this before.

Please please create Trac version "Build 767 (8.2.0)" (Trac bug 8904).

=S Page

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