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Francisco Castro fcr at adinet.com.uy
Wed Feb 4 18:19:12 EST 2009

On Wednesday 04 February 2009 17:58:24 Albert Cahalan wrote:
> Assembly has a reputation for being "hard", but this is
> far from the truth. It is large assembly projects that are
> hard to understand. For tiny things, assembly is even
> easier than C. What you see is what you get, exactly.
> Python has lots of magic. With assembly, everything
> is there for you to see.

Using assembly is the worst idea for a non hardware related open source 
project, besides the fact that the x86 architecture is awful, programming in 
assembly will lock the software to that architecture, meaning that you would 
have to forget about porting to ARM or MIPS.

Also, in these days C compilers are very good, they can even sometimes 
generate better code than some experienced assemly programmers, thus 
performance reasons are no longer valid.

Rewriting everything done to assembly would take ages, and you'd need to 
rewrite everything again if you change the architecture. If you understand 
me, you should propose C instead.

PS: Sorry for my english.


Francisco Castro
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