some 8.2.1 questions

Ties Stuij cjstuij at
Mon Feb 2 07:06:04 EST 2009

Hi all,
We at OLE Nepal are pretty soon gonna have to finalize the build for
our deployment, and since 8.2.1 seems to have a number of nice fixes,
so we're gonna base it on that one. It doesn't seem however that we're
able to wait for the 8.2.1 final release. So in this light I have a
couple of questions I hope you can answer. I've followed all possible
channels of communication meticulously, and some of my questions might
seem a bit whiny of redundant -it seems like the staging builds are in
good shape-, but since this build will go on a couple of thousand
XO's, I'd rather be whiny now than sorry later.

mostly the first two I'd like answers to:
- which major bugs relevant to Nepal, if any, that are not yet
addressed by the staging builds are likely to be fixed by 8.2.1 in
general. And if any: are they expected to be fixed in the next couple
of days?
- is there anything seriously broken -any regression- atm compared to 8.2

- Is there a date set for the final build, and if so when?
- And if so, what are the chances of actually making that deadline :oP


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