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Sun Feb 1 12:38:28 EST 2009

paul wrote:
 > >this will be different under ubuntu-on-XO,
 > I want to write some code that runs in "Tablet" mode and I need one more key.
 > So I want to disable the screen rotation.
 > Currently even under ubuntu it rotates the screen.
 > I'm a linux newbee so I have zero clue where to find the keymapping 
 > file or configuration utility.

you're doing pretty well for a newbie.

i just booted ubuntu to see how they do it -- turns out it's easy.
they use a program called "xbindkeys" to bind all of the "special" XO
keys.  the configuration for that is in /home/olpc/.xbindkeysrc -- you'll
see an entry in there that invokes /usr/bin/rotate_screen.py.  all you
need to do is change that to point at your own script or program.

 > > "dpkg -S gio.h" on my thinkpad install of ubuntu intrepid implies
 > If I include that path it is now looking for glibconfig.h and
 > dpkg -S glibconfi.h responds with
 > libglib2.0.dev: /usr/lib/glib-2.0/include/glibconfig.h
 > A dierectory that does not exist.....
 > So this probably means I need to install the
 > libglib2.0.dev  package right??

yes.  though you meant "libglib2.0-dev".  in general on debian
and ubuntu, to development of a program that needs a library,
you'll need to have the "-dev" package for that library installed.

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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