OLPC where to go development advice.

Paul Breed Paul at Rasdoc.com
Sun Feb 1 11:06:24 EST 2009

Thanks for all the advice, I've gotten ubuntu installed.

One OLPC question and one GTK question

OLPC: where exactly is the keyboard mapping file that would let me
change the behavior of the screen orientation button?

GTK Development::

gcc works (IE I can compile hello world)

python and pygtk works.

I can't get the c/c++ gtk stuff to compile.

Its missing the gio headers.

specifically #include<gio/gio.h>

There is a gio-unix-2.0, but no gio.h under that.

I've searched in the synaptic package manager and no luck finding a 
package that looks like gio ???

Also the add-remove applications area (where I installed glade, that 
seems to work) .....

Should I go hunting for a GTK list?

Thanks again,


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